Custom Fit


Custom Fit Corsets in the Boston, MA, Area

 Corsets are beautiful, classic ,and sexy garments that you can wear for fashion, for waist training, and as lingerie. If you're looking to buy a custom-fit corset in the Boston, MA, area, visit A Beautiful Corset. We are the only retailer in the United States that offers the whole line of Vollers Corsets from the UK.

Corsets are not one-size-fits-all garments, and you need your corset to fit properly so that it is comfortable and gives you the hourglass shape you want. Let the pros at A Beautiful Corset provide a custom-fit corset that flatters your figure.

The Fitting Process

Corsets are sized by your waist measurements and your height. Depending on your previous experience wearing corsets and your desired hourglass shape, the corset will be around 4 or 5 inches smaller than the measurement of your waist. If you are short or tall, you may need a short or tall corset to give you the proper coverage and to prevent the corset from digging into your hips or ribs.

A Beautiful Corset offers fitting sessions and lacing lessons to ensure that your corset fits properly and that you are comfortable putting on and removing the garment yourself.

Your Corset Options

We offer a range of corset options from fashion to lingerie to waist training. Fashion corsets are designed to be worn as outer garments, while Lingerie corsets may be softer or made with more delicate materials appropriate for the bedroom. Our waist training corsets are made with the sturdiest, most durable heirloom quality Coutil cotton fabric which creates an unyielding hourglass shape.

Schedule a free fitting to get started, or call us at (978) 740-2922 if you want to know more about buying a custom-fit corset. We have a showroom in Salem where you can come look at and try on various corsets.